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Motorcycle commuting may be a relative minority mode of transport compared to getting to work by car, but with an uncertain economy forcing many of us to make savings wherever we can, the advantages have never been clearer cut.

The facts are straightforward enough. With fuel prices sky rocketing and a typical commuter motorcycle giving you 70mpg, commuting by bike rather than car can save you up to 50% at the pumps over a year. This was put to the test by pitching a Ford Mondeo against a Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit on a typical 50 mile round trip commute over 48 working weeks – costing £1,622 for the car, £811 for the bike in 2008.* Today based on 2012 petrol prices this equates to £2093 for the Ford Mondeo and £1136 for the Suzuki bike.

Not only that, if you’re living and working in London you won’t face congestion charges or road toll charges – a significant saving given that the current cost in Central London for a standard car is up to £12 a day. You can also very often find free parking, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

You’ll save time too; there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sailing past the rush-hour gridlock on the way to work. Studies have shown that commuting by motorcycle shaves an average of around 20 minutes off your travel time every day. With all that extra time you could impress your boss with your punctuality, grab a much-needed morning coffee before work, or simply to enjoy an extra few minutes in bed!

Of course, safety should always be a major concern for the motorcycle commuter. Rush hour traffic can be intimidating, and if you’re travelling on motorways even more so - but if you stay alert and stick to the basic biking rules you can minimise the risk of an accident. Always be aware of what other road users are doing, and have your bike checked regularly. Make sure you’re visible to other drivers, stay out of blind spots, don’t weave in moving traffic and always, always expect the unexpected.

If you’re thinking of commuting by motorcycle seek out some expert advice on the practicalities and safety aspects of motorcycle commuting from specialist bike insurance company, Bennetts. In a world where we’re all trying to save time and money, getting on your bike makes more sense than ever before.